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An Open Letter to Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar Regarding SB 978 CL Blog This bill is targeted at children.

It is calculated to stifle creativity and prevent the emergence of new talent. First, you haven been honest burberry outlet online usa about what the bill would do. You said it would only apply to people who post video covers in order to make money. That not burberry eu what your bill says. Pretty much every video posted to the internet is viewed 10 or more times. So, contrary to your assertion, it seems like this bill would apply to pretty much everyone who posts a cover to the internet, whether it a four year old girl covering Nicki Minaj or Justin Bieber covering Usher or thousands of people dancing along to Beyonce "Put a Ring on It." Second, do we really want to criminalize this? This isn stealing, it (arguably) copying. The losses suffered are purely financial, and they are often theoretical. There no fraud going on here. Just people who are such big fans of their favorite artists that they want to sing along on video with hundreds or thousands of other people doing the same thing. They are doing the 21st century equivalent of singing along with their favorite music on MTV in their living room with a group of their friends. Except that there isn any music on MTV anymore, so kids film themselves singing along and share those videos with their friends who also film themselves singing along. Third and this is the really important one, for me what the heck were you thinking? This bill was obviously drafted by the music or burberry usa online shop movie industry and put on your desk by a lobbyist. You can have come up with this on your own, because you actually done some pretty great work for consumers your time in the Senate. I can only assume you had a lapse, which I hope was momentary, and forgot one of the most important rules: don trust lobbyists. They are in sales, and you are the customer. Lobbyists may be knowledgeable and well intentioned, but they are still selling their client product. Don trust them. They aren looking out for the best interests of your constituents; they are looking out for the best interests of their constituents. In this case, the lobbyist was selling the last schemes of a dying industry that is so utterly bereft of ideas and value that all it can come up with is raiding the savings accounts of children. This cannot be what you meant to do. This was a mistake. We know that. We forgive you if you own up to it and kill this bill.

But you have to really kill it. Own up to your mistake. Admit that this bill was pushed across your desk by a lobbyist, so that the next representative that gets it burberry outlet london prices won have any excuse for promoting this kind of thing.

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