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Burberry Frame Leisure Sunglass White sales CO207029


and Got Upper Hand in Blitz PHOTOS and GAMES Hou Yifan in Prague Hou Yifan arrived to the Czech capital in order to play burberry barbie the four game match of classical chess Cez Cess Trophy which is traditionally held in June.

Her rival will be David Navara. The match starts tomorrow, while last weekend the former world champion already had a walk with her mother; she also gave a simul on twenty boards. Yesterday third match game ended in a quiet draw and today, to save the match, David burberry outlet ny Navara needs to win with Black. The current match score is 2 1 in favour of the American guest. The game starts, as usual, at 17.00 Moscow time. World Cup: Hou Yifan Getting Ready For a Tiebreak and Remembering Last Year Win Over Shirov The second classical game in Hou Yifan Shirov match has also finished in a draw. The more experienced GM offered a draw after 19th move. At the press conference Hou Yifan remembered her last year win over Shirov at Gibraltar. The players haven faced each othe rin rapid chess yet. One oft he commentators of clearance burberry bags the event Susane Polgar asked Hou which type of chess classical, rapid, blitz she prefers. Chinese doesn give preferance to any noting she is comfortable with each. Cap d Rapid Chess: Anatoly Karpov Leads 5/6 (GAMES) The traditional rapid tournament is underway in Cap d France. The last year winner, Anatoly Karpov is again in the spotlight. David Navara Wins Blitz Competition in Brno (PHOTOS) Brno hosted blitz competitions to determine strongest among men and women. Both tournaments were round robin, four qualified players fought for the main prize in knock out system. In the final mini match Navara lost first game against Babula, but he managed to take revenge and recoup himself in Armageddon. Martina Mareckova won in women section in a similar way.

David Navara Sixfold Champion of Czech burberry mens wallet outlet Republic David Navara became sixfold champion of Czech Republic assuring first place one round to go with 7,5 out of 8. London: Kramnik, Gelfand and Caruana Succeed on Day 1 Two rounds of London Chess Classic have been played this evening. Three have perfect score: Kramnik (beat Svidler and Rowson), Boris Gelfan (defeated Polgar and Jones) and Fabiano Caruana (took an upperhand on Sutovsky and Short).

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