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Anand Can Lose His Temper During the Game As it known, Viswanathan Anand is one of the few famous players, whose emotions during the game, as well as before and after it, are quite hard to determine.

His impenetrable face was marked during the current World Championship match as well. Yet Boris Gelfand didn manage to take off Anand mask; but once the reigning champion "lost his temper" due to the burberry discount store Russian GM Peter Svidler, who shared his story on the air of Echo of Moscow yesterday. "This is my favourite story, started Svidler, who hasn ever defeated Anand in classical chess. We been playing one of those classical games in Madrid. He went on playing the variation which at that moment was considered to be good for Black, but for the part of the high level players it was already known that burberry factory online shopping this variation wasn that good for Black any more. And actually it already had a refutation. Before the tournament I thought that no player of Anand level would play that variation against me and that why I didn even go through it. Nevertheless, it was played against me in the very first game of the competition. moreover, played by this big fish. I made all the forced moves, we went on that position where I could apply novelty, which was considered as the refutation of the variation; and here for the first and last time in my life I saw and heard Vishy expressing his opinion about the situation on the board loudly. I can repeat what he has said it was a clear one word. This is actually one of my favourite memories from my whole chess life I managed to elicit a genuine reaction from such a great player. I Evgeny Surov and next to me is Evgeny Sveshnikov, who got here just in time. Did you really guess it? Did you know what was going to be played today? Judit Polgar Expects of a Tie Break in Anand Gelfand Match, But Doesn Exclude Other Options Judit Polgar shared her impression on the current situation in Anand Gelfand match in her blog: "The battle for the crown is getting close to the end. So here is my comments on Game 10 Very solid game. Yes, because they burberry official sale both know that after losing at this final stage of the match it would be extremely difficult to balance again! Anatoly Karpov: "FIDE Made a Huge Mistake By Not Returning Carlsen Into the Candidate Cycle" The press conference held in the State Tretyakov Gallery 20.05.2012. There was a spectacular event, a lot of decisive games and so on. Moscow: "If Anyone Could Win the Match, That burberry factory shop Was Gelfand", Thinks Evgeny Bareev The R Sport Agency quotes Evgeny Bareev, who summarized the results of the classical part of the World Championship Match held in the Tretyakov Gallery. Judit Polgar is Delighted With the Tie Break, She Praises Gelfand and Congratulates Anand Judit Polgar shared her impressions on the tie break for the World Champion title that was held yesterday on her blog. The event delighted the Hungarian player. Nigel Short, "People Who Love the Game Were Disappointed" The web site DNA India published excerpts from an interview with the 1993 World Championship Candidate Nigel Short about the match Anand Gelfand, who still continues his career and vis Garry Kasparov, "Anand Was Lucky That He Faced Gelfand" Garry Kasparov opinion about the recently ended World Championship Match is published on the site Crestbook. "Anand played the match terribly.

But, it seems, Gelfand wasn fated to win even against such a weakened opponent. Anand played the 2008 match against Kramnik excellently and acceptably against Topalov in 2010, but his current play is at a different level. The 2nd Rapid Game of Anand Gelfand: Vishy Waited for the Blunder and Won in a Better But Objectively Drawn Endgame In the 2nd and dramatically finished rapid game of the World Championship match the rivals repeated the opening from their classical 10th game of the match.

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