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Apprenticeship grant scheme made available by East Cambridgeshire District Council Apprenticeship grant opening doors of opportunity for local people and businesses An apprenticeship grant scheme made available by East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) is paving the way for more young people to access new careers, and is offering local businesses a much needed helping hand, enabling them to grow.

Last year's grant a total of 16,000 provided by the District Council's Economic Development Team was given as either a stand alone amount, or as a top up to the National Apprenticeship AGE Grant worth 1500 per company, which the Council also encourages businesses to apply for. Through the scheme, the Council was able to support eight local businesses between April burberry us online 2015 and March 2016 each receiving a highly beneficial, one off payment of 2000. This has meant that eight young people have found work, and the businesses they have joined have been able to expand. Vince Rudgewick, Director of Clarity Heating near Littleport, a growing company that one day hopes to offer its own in house apprenticeship training, stated: "It's made a huge difference. We wouldn't have been able to take the risk of employing an apprentice so early on in the life of our business had it not been for the East Cambs grant." The apprentice at Clarity Heating, Charlie Houghton, said that the apprenticeship has made a "massive difference" to his life by giving him "the money to be able to afford to drive," and allowing him to "learn much more" beyond what he is taught at college including receiving specialist training. Another person grateful of his apprenticeship, afforded by the grant scheme, is Kieron Reed, an apprentice at Optimum Precision Engineering Ltd (OPE) located on burberry rain boots outlet online Lancaster Way Business Park, who stated: "When the college course I applied for said there wasn't a teacher for me about six to seven weeks before it was about to start, I did some research on the internet about apprenticeships. I found out about Optimum and sent them my CV. I'm now so glad that I went down the apprenticeship route, as I really enjoy learning on the job and developing specialist skills." Trevor Peters, who started as an apprentice at OPE and is now the Director of the company, said that the grant has been a "great help". Because of it, OPE has managed to buy the tools Kieron needs, and they have been able to put some of money aside to help cover the costs of future, specialised training, which can be very expensive. Nicola Cole, HR Manager at Richard Designs bridal wear manufacturers, also at Lancaster Way Business Park explained that the grant money has "taken the pressure off by allowing full time employees to spend time training up apprentices, which is of benefit to everyone". Hattie Ford, who has received a qualification and full time job burberry end of season sale at Richard Designs as a result of her hard work, the company's support and the grant scheme, stated: "Most jobs require experience, and an apprenticeship offers you that experience, so it opens doors for you going forward. It can also lead on to further qualifications including degrees, so I'd definitely encourage other students to take this route as well." In April 2016, the District Council will once again have 16,000 available to share between eight local businesses, and there's already a large waiting list, as a consequence of last year's over subscription. Aside from the grant scheme, there are other great opportunities available in the District for apprentices. Cambridge Commodities in Ely identified as one of London Stock Exchanges' 1000 companies to inspire Britain has had ten apprentices successfully complete training with them, with a further four currently studying. They are now looking for three more apprentices to join them. Lucy Frazer, MP for South East Cambridgeshire, stated: "It is important that students have a range of options available when they leave formal education so that they burberry outlet florida can choose the best path for them. Access to good quality apprenticeships is a vital part of this and I was pleased to see so many businesses in Cambridgeshire offering opportunities for young people. It is also great that East Cambridgeshire District Council is supporting apprenticeships. I will continue to support businesses offering high standards of apprenticeship to ensure the next generation have the skills they need." Cllr Lis Every, Apprenticeship Ambassador and member for skills, also feels strongly that apprenticeships are of vital importance to our local economy, providing local jobs for local people.

She said: "They provide an alternative high quality career pathway, and we were privileged to meet young apprentices working in the diverse fields of engineering, textiles, business administration, finance, quality and facilities management. Their enthusiasm for their chosen and the companies that they worked for was evident, and we will continue to work together with companies and schools to provide these opportunities for our young people.".

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