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Another Debatable Situation at World Cup Here Wang Hao noted that the position repeated three times, not one by one but including the previous positions though.

He called for the arbiter to inform him but he neither stopped the clock, nor wrote down the move he was planning to do. In other words Wang Hao claimed the draw incorrectly. The chief arbiter Ignatius Leong found the claim to be incorrect and added three minutes to Dreev time in accordance to regulations. This is what happened next: the clock was again on, the game continued, Wang Hao wrote down the move he wanted to make and again claimed for draw and the arbiter registered it. Meanwhile, no move was played between the first and the second claim for the draw. Dreev, certainly being logical, started to protest against the arbiter decision: on the one hand his opponent was admitted to be wrong and the game was continued, but on the other hand the game still didn continue. The arbiter, nevertheless, insisted on his decision and never changed it. At the end Dreev shook hands with his opponent and agreed to signing the peace treaty without writing an appeal. This is what the Laws of Chess says about the draw claim (article 9, paragraph 9.5 b): "If the claim is found to be incorrect, the arbiter shall add three minutes to the opponent remaining thinking time. Then the game shall continue. If the claim was based on an intended move, this move must be burberry brit clothing sale made as according to Article 4." Thus, apparently the chief arbiter made a buy burberry coat wrong decision: the game was continued, but the planned move wasn made. Article 9 of FIDE Handbook surprisingly good and clearly written about the case: Yuri Eliseev Tells How burberry outlet online sat?? the Arbiters Changed His Game Result Twice Yuri Eliseev, 17 year old GM from Russia, told how he was registered defeat in the encounter against Daniel Naroditsky at the WYCC in Al ain. It became thetopic of discussion after Anastasia Ziazulkina shared her impressions on the competition. We have published them here. Mr. Vardapetyan, Thank You Dear Mr. Vardapetyan, Thank you very much for your response. Only one thing matters here. If not that "Russian website" the chess world wouldn hear your opinion on the incident. Everything else is lyricism. Nikolai Chadaev Addresses FIDE, "The Rules Should be Written More Clearly" In a video, published on the official site of the Rapid and Blitz World Championship in Astana, the grandmaster Nikolai Chadaev, talked about the incident, which happened in his game against Vladislav Tkachiev in the qualifying tournament, "Gee!" or Dramatic End in Wang Hao Gelfand Encounter Wang Hao Gelfand encounter of Round 9 of Grand Prix Beijing was the longest finishing quite dramatically. The final part of the game was commentated live on Chess News by GM Dreev. Gelfand missed a win several already in discount burberry bags the endgame already it was already clear that the draw was inevitable.

Grand Prix: Mamedyarov Repeated Dreev Line in Caro Kann Defence Plato is Dear to Me, but. Wesley So opponent Varuzhan Akobian discussed the scandalous events in a live transmission almost immediately after they happened. You will recall that So was forfeited for taking notes during his game against Akobian.

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