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American politician Thomas Kennedy returns to Admiral Rock were brought up in a hard hat, wonderful city called Brockton, Mass.

, and we had a backyard and a park to play in, but when we put our feet down on the red soil of Admiral Rock, we had a few hundred acres to go along, and we go on the Shubenacadie River, said Mary Kennedy Bardsley, musing about childhood visits to Nova Scotia with her younger brother, Tommy. many parts of Nova Scotia are breathtakingly burberry handbags on sale beautiful. Admiral Rock is not one of them, but to us, it was paradise. The property where father and daughter met up with Mary grandfather and great aunt on the Shubenacadie River, their original homestead. was no electricity and no running water. as Tommy later told friend Fred MacInnes, a retired doctor whose childhood years were spent in Maitland, was neither an admiral nor a rock there. was the first summer I went and I continued on until today, and I 67, said Kennedy Bardsley, who now lives in Fredericton. I visit the graveyard in Maitland, as I promised my grandfather I would. promise was to maintain the gravesite of Mary Moore Kennedy, her great grandmother, along with an aunt, Mary Louise Kennedy, who died at just 16 months of age in 1904. Promises and best intentions aside, the St. Francis Xavier Cemetery did grow over with grass, moss and brush, so much so that MacInnes remembers his older sister saying is no Catholic cemetery in Maitland. replied, was before Tom Kennedy came along. Kennedy story is a remarkable tale of courage, love and endurance. It starts burberry handbags outlet online with his grandparents moving from Admiral Rock, about halfway between Shubenacadie and Maitland, to Massachusetts to find a better life than the hard existence thrust upon them in the early 1900s in rural Hants County. Tom was among the second generation of Kennedys born in Massachusetts and the devout Catholic son heard a calling from the priesthood as a young man. At age 19, Kennedy had a devastating fall while washing windows as a second year seminarian in New York. He broke his neck and was left permanently confined to a wheelchair as a quadriplegic. never had a comfortable moment after his accident, but the pain of others bothered him more than his own, Kennedy Bardsley said. Tom Kennedy abandoned his dream of the priesthood and devoted his life to another public pursuit politics. He was described as a political icon for more than 30 years, an advocate of the poor, disabled and the elderly. He represented Brockton as city councillor and later represented the area as state senator. His devotion to public service and family also took hold in his ancestral roots. continued his visits, yearly burberry outlet online authentic treks to Nova Scotia and he decided that he wanted to bring the graveyard that was in a thick, wooded area back to its original state, his sister said. did all kinds of research at the archives in Halifax and through the church. They restored every single gravestone. Some of them were buried and beyond repair, some of them were under moss and could be repaired. Those that couldn be repaired, he replicated. Those that were able to be restored, they were. Tom Kennedy died at 63 burberry apparel of complications from cancer on June 28, he made it known that he wanted to be buried in the cemetery that he had brought back to life through what his sister referred to as incredible expense. had no ability to move a finger, so he hired local people to do it. eventually re met and married high school friend Clare Holmgren and the two made regular trips to Nova Scotia, one of which was delayed for a day or two near the Canada United States border when a two metre concrete angel they were transporting proved too much for the transmission of the wheelchair accessible van. On Saturday, he will be laid to rest in his special cemetery after a mass at Saint Bridget Church in Shubenacadie. His sister said the Saint Bridget ceremony will be simple, unlike the mass held at Saint Edith Stein Parish in Brockton on Tuesday that accommodated an overflow crowd of 1,000 plus people that included high ranking politicians and dignitaries, an honour guard and more than 20 priests. will be a very simple and lovely send off in Nova Scotia, Kennedy Bardsley said. will be very similar to what our ancestors must have had, a funeral at a simple church and taken to his grave and it will be reminiscent of what I think is the spirit of my grandfather stories about his mother and his daughter and his cousins. route from church to cemetery, the procession will travel Highway 215 and pass Admiral Rock, where Kennedy owns a piece of land from the old homestead. Before he died, Kennedy, like his grandfather, asked some assurances from his loved ones.

made us all make promises about certain things, to go to church and bring your kids to church, Kennedy Bardsley said. he did say to me, me that you can do what you can for Nova Scotia. I told him I would try.

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